Troop 263
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Merit Badges

Troop Committee Positions

  • Train and guide boy leaders to run their Troop.
  • Work with and through responsible adults to give Scouting to boys.
  • Meet regularly with the Patrol Leaders’ Council (PLC) for training and planning of Troop activities.
  • Attend all Troop meetings or have a qualified adult substitute.
  • Assist the Troop Chairman in planning the Troop Committee meeting agenda.
  • Attend Troop Committee Meetings
  • Conduct or delegate Scoutmaster conferences for all rank advancements and youth personal development as needed.
  • Encourage Scouts th attain First Class rank in their first year and at least one rank advancement per year after that.
  • Provide a systematic recruiting plan for members and see that they are properly registered.
  • Make it possible for each Scout to experience at least ten (10) days and nights of camping each year.
  • Participate in Council and District Activities.
  • Take part in Webelos Scout graduation ceremonies in Packs related to your Troo
Assistant Scoutmaster
  • Serve as the Troop leader in the absence of the Scoutmaster.
  • Be responsible to the Scoutmaster for program and activities of the Troop.
  • Work with the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader in administering Troop operations.
  • Work with Webelos Den Leader(s) related to the Troop.
  • Coordinate joint Webelos Den-Troop activities.
  • Assist in securing instructors for Webelos activities badges and Boy Scout skills.
  • Be responsible for Troop’s participation in District and Council actives.
  • Attend training courses and Roundtables.
Committee Chair
  • Organize the committee to insure that all functions are delegated, coordinated and completed
  • Recruit the best people available as Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters and maintain a close relationship with the chartered organization
  • Interpret national and local council policies to the troop
  • Arrange, preside over and promote active participation at monthly troop committee meetings and insure troop representation at monthly roundtables
  • Arrange for charter review and recharter troop annually
Chartered Organization Representative
  • Secure committee chair and encourage continuous training
  • Serve as an active liaison between the troop and the chartered organization
  • Assist with the annual rechartering and encourage service to the organization
  • Represent the interests of the troop and the chartered organization
  • Serve as a member of the troop and the district organization
  • Keep minutes of the meetings and disburse committee meeting notes
  • Handle publicity and maintain a program to orient new scouts and their families to the troop by having New Scout Information folder updated and complete. This folder contains Troop bylaws, roster of Troop, roster of Committee members, description of Troop positions, description of committee positions, website access information, Boy Scout registration form, Adult registration form, new scout information form, health form for scout and adult and council contact numbers.
  • Keep camp attendance records up-to-date in TroopMaster and forward attendance information to Treasurer.
  • Prepare and distribute a monthly newsletter of troop / committee events and activities
  • Assist in the recruitment and initiation of adult leaders.
  • Attend annual planning meeting and keep detailed notes of planned events. Input these dates into Troop calendar including PLC meetings and committee meetings.
  • Handle all troop funds. Pay all bills on the recommendation of the Scoutmaster and authorization of the troop committee.
  • Maintain checking and savings accounts and report financial status to the committee at the regular monthly meetings
  • Coordinates the “Friends of Scouting” campaign
  • Trains and supervises the troop scribe in the collection of troop income and designated record keeping
  • Supervise fund raising projects to insure that proper authorization and accountability is maintained.
  • Provide leadership and counsel during the preparation of the annual troop budget.
Activities Chair
  • Plan events such as swim night, scout sporting events, IMAX theater.
  • Report on such events from Council, District and/or Troop activities at monthly committee meetings.
  • Responsible for insuring the requisite level of adult leadership on all scout functions
  • Coordinates the transportation to and from all functions
  • Works closely with the Treasurer to insure proper accounting of fees / credits.
Advancement Chair
  • Work closely with the Scoutmaster to set goals for advancement. Develop and coordinate plans to achieve goals that promote continuous progress and improvement for the troop as well as the individual scouts.
  • Works with the Patrol Leader’s Council (PLC) to arrange and conduct frequent “Courts of Honor” (October, January/February & May/June)
  • Report on activities at the monthly committee meetings and identify the resource requirements to continually meet the goals of the troop.
  • Actively promotes a program to encourage merit badge training and maintain a program to identify scouts who may need assistance.
  • In coordination with Troop Secretary. maintain the troop records required by the Council (computer based system – “Troopmaster”)
  • Arrange for monthly or quarterly board of reviews.
Training Chair
  • Identify, communicate and promote participation in all training programs offered by the troop and / or district
  • Conduct at least four Junior Leader Training sessions per year within Troop 263
  • Promote adult participation in the leadership of the Troop and assist in the scheduling of training of all adult leaders.
  • Coordinate a program of continuous adult and scout training that addresses the ever changing needs of the troop
Camp Coordinator
  • Works with Scoutmaster and Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) to insure that camp plans are communicated in a timely manner to scouts and parents.
  • Arranges transportation for all camp outings insuring that each driver holds proper insurance and has seat belts available for each passenger.
  • Coordinates with the Equipment Coordinator and Troop Quartermaster to insure that all equipment is available and in good repair
  • Arrange for transportation of the troop trailer to and from each camp site.
  • Coordinate with appropriate leaders to prepare final “Camp Plan” consisting of detailed itinerary, map, Scout and adult rosters, health forms, medical alert, troop phone list, advancement needs and any other pertinent information.
  • Provide regular feedback to the Activities Chair and attend the regular monthly committee meeting to provide updates, progress / barriers.
  • Secures campsites and permits as required and insures that all the proper paperwork is filed with the Council on a timely basis for all troop activities.
Quatermaster Coordinator
  • Works with Scoutmaster and Troop Quartermaster to identify equipment needs and to procure all camp equipment that is requested by the Scoutmaster and approved by the troop committee.
  • Maintain proper inventory, storage, labeling and maintenance of all troop equipment
  • Work with Troop Quartermaster to implement sound controls that insure proper care and accountability for all Troop equipment
  • Maintain proper inventory, storage, labeling and maintenance of all troop equipment
  • Provide regular feedback to the Activities Chair and attend the regular monthly committee meeting to provide updates, progress / barriers.
  • Supervise and assist in the procurement of all camp equipment that is requested by the Scoutmaster and approved by the troop committee.
High Adventure Coordinator
  • Research new and exciting High Adventure opportunities and communicate same to Scoutmaster, Scouts and Committee
  • Work with the PLC to identify preferences of the troop
  • Coordinate the procurement of space insuring at least two “High Adventure” opportunities per year
  • Work with adult leaders and “high adventure” teams to identify and resolve any concerns or needs
  • Insure that the troop actively pursues at least two “High Adventures” each year.
  • Provide regular feedback to the Activities Chair and attend the regular monthly committee meeting to provide updates, progress / barriers.
Merit Badge Coordinator
  • Maintain current list of merit badge counselors and promotes participation form all parents
  • Maintain records of all merit badges in process by each scout and monitors progress. Provides support and encouragement as needed
  • Works with Scoutmaster to schedule regular “Merit Badge” nights to promote new merit badges and solicit scout participation
  • Assist in the procurement of merit badges from time to time and assist in the planning and execution of Courts of Honor
  • Provide regular feedback to the Advancement Chair and attend the regular monthly committee meeting to provide updates, progress / barriers.
Life to Eagle Coordinator
  • Work with the life scout to make sure the scout's records are in order.
  • Act a resource if the scout or the parents have questions or needs some advice.
  • Help identify the district and council resources available to the scout.
  • Make sure that the scout knows the requirements and the process.
  • Make sure that if a scout has a problem with any part of the process, and if it can be addressed within the unit, the coordinator helps him address the problem.
  • Accumulate the reference letters, marry them up with the binder after all the signatures are on the application form, and deliver the binder to the district advancement person who schedules the boards of review.
Friends of Scouting
  • Attend District kick-off meeting and District FOS training
  • Give Friends of Scouting presentation at troop meeting and hand out FOS pledge cards
  • Follow-up with troop parents until all pledge cards are accounted for
  • Give recognition to contributors

Because of the complexity and time commitments of some of these positions it is intended that Coordinators be recruited and/or assigned to each committee chair as deemed necessary. The ultimate goal of our committee is to provide support necessary to allow the Scoutmaster and assistants to focus on the development of each and every scout.

Updated 9/28/2011